Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

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Your support will forever change the trajectory of those in our community who do not have access to healthcare. Those who are uninsured or underinsured count on Mission of Mercy to be there stable medical home, providing compassionate, comprehensive, primary healthcare … no questions asked.

The Arizona Qualified Charity Tax Credit has been created for individuals who submit Arizona income tax returns. The tax credit applies to cash donations made to qualified nonprofit organizations, like Mission of Mercy AZ Health Partnership Fund, that provide assistance to low-income Arizona residents and vulnerable families.

Tax deductions whittle down the income on which you will pay taxes, but tax credits give a dollar-for-dollar deduction of your tax liability, giving you the highest benefit for the contribution you have made. A tax credit deducts from the taxes that you owe, in essence, allowing you to direct where some of your tax dollars are spent.
Even if you simply claim the standard deduction on your taxes, it is still beneficial to participate in AZ Tax Credit(s). Even after claiming the standard deduction, you can still deduct your income by the exact amount you have donated up to the approved donation amount for that tax credit category.
NO! We are fortunate in AZ to have not 1, but 5 different tax credits! And all 5 tax credits can be taken simultaneously, every year, to reduce the amount the donor/taxpayer owes on their taxes.

How it works:

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Write a check payable to:
Mission of Mercy Arizona Health Partnership Fund

360 E Coronado Road, Ste 160
Phoenix, AZ 85004