Message from the Board Chair

In the beginning of March our lives changed from just becoming aware of a serious, but little-known epidemic overseas to swiftly integrating extreme protective procedures only days later in the effort to prevent spreading and contracting the Corona Virus, or COVID-19 in our areas. Within hours of first receiving notice from the CDC and regional Health Departments, your Mission of Mercy Programs implemented procedures for the protection of our patients, our volunteers, and our staff members. Initial protective health care procedures changed daily, then began upgrading almost hourly, and continue today.

Protective measures now include the difficult decision to close clinics in some areas and cancel many patient examinations. Social distancing and self-quarantine are being implemented. Be assured that our core medical staff is working together to serve the health needs of our patients. Please see the MOM website for your region to determine how your needs can be served.

Our MOM Medical Leadership will continue to evaluate our clinics ‘patient services as these challenges get resolved. As our medical leaders continue to gain additional information from reputable sources such as the CDC and each region’s Departments of Health regarding Covid-19, further plans will be implemented to determine when to reopen our clinics.

Mission of Mercy wishes to recognize and extend our heartfelt appreciation to our volunteers, staff, church and hospital partners, and donors for supporting us in the provision of free medical care and prescription medications to our patients.

While restricting our expenses where possible the need continues for investments from our supporters that enable us to provide medical treatment and healing through Love to those in need.


With God’s blessings, we will get through these challenging times and reopen clinics to provide services as before. Please read the message from our Chief Medical Director, Dr. Michael Sullivan, MD and view our website and social media for future information.

Andy Crocker, Chair
Mission of Mercy - Board of Directors

Message from the Chief Medical Director:

Certainly, there are many who will experience a serious illness or even death in this pandemic. Many will suffer significant financial burdens. Far more will experience very annoying inconveniences. The government, healthcare administrators and care providers, as well as public servants and volunteers' efforts, are directed to mitigate all of these problems. However, it is also through these trials and tribulations that characters strengthen, opportunities for charity are provided, and prayer can become a very powerful part of the care plan. Good can emerge from where no good is apparent. Prayer is the lifeblood of Mission of Mercy; and as we pray for all our Mission of Mercy family and all in the world, we ask that you pray for us!

God bless!
Dr. Michael Sullivan, MD
Chief Medical Director

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