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Our focus is one individual at a time. We heal through God’s LOVE and serve as his instruments.


We recognize that collectively we can provide more good than individually. We recognize that collaboration is vital to our success. To that end, we work cooperatively with our internal and external partners.


We are proficient in our leadership, service delivery and administration.
aMission of Mercy Aizona


We recognize that our services are provided in diverse and unique communities. Thus, we work with each community to develop approached that respect and build upon each community’s distinctiveness.

Faith Motivated

We embrace people of all faiths to serve and be served personally and publicly. At Mission of mercy, prayer is our lifeline.


We treat all with unconditional compassion, dignity, gratitude, humility, love and respect.

Social Action

We propel others toward social responsibility by acting as a mirror for the community and empowering through example those striving to provide medical programs to underserved populations. We enable others through the provision of technical assistance, structure and support.


We are totally open in our operations and accountable in all of our dealings.
amission of Mercy Texas

Care Without Boundaries

We serve all those without medical care access regardless of race, color, creed, nationality or citizenship status...