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An Investment in Your Community

Mission of Mercy’s patients are the mostly the working poor. Those that have some health insurance coverage are unable to afford the co-payments required for services and the cost for medications. For these reasons, we do not charge our patients any fee for the services they receive. With no charge for treatment, there is no added strain on family budgets allowing them to focus on keeping their housing and providing food for their families. For these patients, the care they receive at Mission of Mercy brings hope for a better future. Mission of Mercy receives no state or federal government funding. Your financial and volunteer support provides medical services and prescriptions for one of the fastest-growing, vulnerable populations in the United States – the uninsured and underinsured. To donate to Mission of Mercy’s medical clinics, please choose a region.

Mission of Mercy protects the privacy of donor information and acts with the highest level of financial integrity in stewarding your donations. Click here to view the Donor Bill of Rights.