Meet our volunteer ~~~ Darryl Bowers. 

Darryl Bowers has been a Mission of Mercy volunteer for four years.  He is currently a member of the “MASH BASH Planning Committee” that helps to execute the signature fundraising annual event.  He also volunteers his time for one hour a day on most days by assisting with various maintenance related items and administrative office items.  Thank you Darryl for all you do!

Thanks to our volunteer-based, physician-centered model of service, Mission of Mercy is able to treat large numbers of patients in a dignified and comprehensive manner with a small paid staff. All volunteer and paid physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners have an active license and are either already insured or covered through Mission of Mercy’s medical malpractice policy.

Mission of Mercy’s physician volunteers often sign up to work at the same  clinic  each  month,  allowing  for  development  of  a  strong doctor/patient  relationship.   In  addition  to  doctors,  physician assistants, nurse practitioners and nurses, other volunteers include interpreters, registration workers, hospitality workers, drivers, and data entry personnel. Currently, 80 lay and professional volunteers donate time and services to Mission of Mercy patients.  If you would like to become a volunteer, call 361-883-5500 or email Angie Martinez at amartinez@amissionofmercy.org.

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