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In 1994, Mission of Mercy (MOM) was officially launched as an independent nonprofit 501 (c)(3), faith-informed, community organization dedicated to providing healing through Love utilizing the vehicle of medicine as the tool and focused on serving those who do not have insurance and are not eligible for public healthcare. At MOM, all are served regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, religion or life situation. The primary medical, dental* and vision* services provided at our health clinics are provided completely free and to all who come to us in need who do not have other care options available to them. In alliance with our mission, we believe the restoration of personal dignity is paramount to the MOM medical experience. Thus, we will never require our patients to prove their poverty to receive the care they need.

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At Mission of Mercy, healing through Love is a primary tenet in our mission. Though we serve all and never proselytize, we are proud to have been founded in faith-based values, and to practice those values in the course of our daily work. Our primary values are a belief in the value and worth of every human being and that they deserve to be treated with dignity, and that we are all mirrors of a power greater than ourselves that manifests most profoundly and purely in Love – Divine Love. We believe that as we strive to heal someone who is broken – whether physically, spiritually, emotionally or physically – that approaching that person with genuine love in our hearts provides at least as much healing as the physical services we provide. At Mission of Mercy, we heal through love and medicine.
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