Meet Our Volunteers

Gabriella Brantmier


Gabriella Brantmier shared, “I started volunteering for Mission of Mercy more than three years ago as a Spanish interpreter. After some time with the organization, I fell in love with the mission and felt it was my calling to serve in a medical capacity. In order to best serve our clients and mission, I enrolled in nursing school. Now, more than a year after graduation, I am happy to volunteer as a nurse for Mission of Mercy. The best part of volunteering is knowing that we are united in order to better the lives of the clients we serve. I have met amazing doctors, dentists, physical therapists, nurses, interpreters, and staff. These volunteers sacrifice their time, work hard every day and do their part to fulfill their mission, which is ‘to heal through love.’”

Evelyn Robinson


Evelyn Robinson shared, “A few years ago, I retired from a position as a registered nurse diabetes educator in a large hospital. I knew at the time of retirement that I wanted to volunteer and continue to use my training. Working with people has always been the type of work that brought me the greatest fulfilment. Knowing I am able to continue to use my skills to help others, at this time when I have been blessed so much during my career, continues to inspire me and give me lots of joy.”

Dr. Philip Uffer

Dr. Philip Uffer, our volunteer dentist shared, ”I have been with MOM for at least 13 years now. There are several reasons I chose to volunteer. It is nice to help people overseas, but we have people in our own country who need our help. I volunteer to honor those of my family who have passed on and to get in good with “Man Upstairs” – that and it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble. The patients’ gratitude at our ability to relieve their pain and suffering is very rewarding. I feel it also makes me a better dentist in my private practice because of the complexity of some of the extractions and fillings. The volunteers are a pleasure to work alongside and there is a nice camaraderie.”

Dr. Douglas Tavenner

Dr. Douglas Tavenner, our volunteer dentist shared, “I was born and raised in Washington, D.C. I graduated from Dental School at the VA Commonwealth University (Medical College, VA) and I served in the Army’s active and reserve military.” Dr. Tavenner has expanded training in each of the specialties of Dentistry and in TMJ Diagnosis and treatment, He, along with his wife Jo Ann, volunteer as a team with Mission of Mercy and they continue to have a private practice in routine and emergency treatments. Dr. Tavenner is also an ATP Pilot and Certified Ground and Fight Instructor He enjoys giving back to Mission of Mercy as he grew up “with little means” and was treated at a Community Health Clinic when he was a child.

Cynde Overholtzer

Cynde Overholtzer shared, “I am a retired nurse and volunteer with Mission of Mercy. I am so grateful to be able to serve in a nursing role with all those who also serve here, in Jesus’ name as His hands and feet to His children. He has allowed me to meet and pray for many people I now count as friends.”