There aren’t many Mission of Mercy Arizona volunteers who can say they’ve been with us since the very beginning, but Vivian Green is one of them!

Back in October of 1997, she learned about a new nonprofit called Mission of Mercy (MOM) that was starting up a free healthcare clinic for those in need from her church at the time. When she heard that MOM needed bilingual interpreters, she knew it would be a perfect fit for her.

Vivian had recently retired from her role as a Spanish teacher for more than 15 years, most recently at Rancho Solano Preparatory School in Phoenix. However, she soon found out that even she needed to brush up on her Spanish!

“I was so eager to master all the Spanish medical terms, but back then I went to all the junior colleges and no one had a Spanish medical terminology course. I was finally able to learn more through a class offered at Phoenix Children’s Hospital,” Vivian says.

Over the course of volunteering every Wednesday with MOM in north Phoenix, Vivian’s role evolved into Lead Interpreter. She is primarily responsible for interviewing any volunteer who wants to serve as an interpreter at one of MOM’s six clinic sites.

“I make sure they know Spanish medical terminology and have taken an interpreter class,” Vivian says. “I give them a test to ensure they will be a good fit and can fulfill their volunteer role working with our wonderful medical professionals.”

Much to her disappointment, Vivian hasn’t been able to volunteer in the clinics since March due to the current pandemic. She understands why, but dearly misses interacting with the patients, volunteers and medical staff.

“Mission of Mercy is such a unique clinic because the volunteer doctors and nurses are so compassionate and loving, and the patients are so appreciative,” Vivian says. “I’m so touched by our medical professionals and their compassion, patience and thoroughness.”

Outside of her volunteer role with MOM, Vivian enjoys reading and spending time with her seven children and 12 grandchildren. Mission of Mercy Arizona is grateful for the tremendous amount of time she has dedicated to MOM over the past 23 years!