Something wasn’t right.

He couldn’t tell exactly what … but Juan knew something was wrong inside his body. He didn’t feel well. And the problem wouldn’t go away.

Juan never qualified for health insurance, so he only went to a doctor when he was desperate.

And still, without the follow-up care that he needed, he continued to feel unwell. Yet over the years, he amassed a mountain of medical debt … until finally, the mountain was so high, Juan couldn’t go to a doctor no matter how desperate he was.

That was the day he became a statistic. He had slipped through the cracks of our healthcare system and had no access to quality care.

He was in a slow downward spiral, until he heard about Mission of Mercy. Our medical team discovered that Juan was severely diabetic, and suffering from extremely high blood pressure. We actually find that some 70% of our patients have chronic conditions with serious, life-threatening consequences if left untreated.

“When I come in to Mission of Mercy, I feel better. The stress I had before is gone.  After 12 years as a patient here, I receive the same quality of care and kindness as I did on my very first visit.  Mission of Mercy changed my life,” said Juan.

Today, Juan is healthy and strong. He works. He laughs. He is living a full life with his family. You rescued him. You gave him new life, by giving to Mission of Mercy. Thank you.

Only one thing saved him: your compassion. Your generous support for Mission of Mercy let us open our doors to Juan … to welcome him warmly … to let him see medical professionals without worrying about the money … to give him a thorough examination, a real diagnosis — and the ongoing medical attention that he urgently needed.

Help more patients – mothers, fathers, and grandparents –  just like Juan, with the gift of new life this Easter season.

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