When Lee Ann Frade lost her job in 2010 and was on crutches due to a work-related injury, she found it impossible to find a new job. Her husband was also out of work and they scraped together their last $80 to get a doctor’s appointment with the hope of helping her qualify for disability.

“The physician there wouldn’t even shake my hand. He treated me like a leper,” Lee Ann recalls.

At that appointment, she learned she had high blood pressure and was given a prescription for a 30-day supply of medication. But the doctor wouldn’t help her unless she could pay for yet another appointment to come back in a month. And with no income at the time, she simply couldn’t afford it.

“I was so upset after that visit. I thought, ‘Am I going to die because I can’t afford the blood pressure medication that I need?’,” Lee Ann says. “So my husband got online and somehow he found out about Mission of Mercy.”

A Mission to Restore Dignity

As a Mission of Mercy patient since 2011, Lee Ann has been treated for high blood pressure, asthma, impetigo, and a few cases of pneumonia and other illnesses over the years.

“I can confidently say Mission of Mercy saved my life a number of times,” Lee Ann says. “And their care is far superior to anything I’ve ever received before in the medical world where you’re treated as just another number.”

Recently, Lee Ann turned 65 and became eligible for Medicare. Mission of Mercy is helping her with that transition, ensuring she doesn’t miss any prescription refills in the interim.

“There is not enough money in the world that I could give to Mission of Mercy. I’ve been blessed with the most compassionate, personal care, and I don’t want to leave,” Lee Ann says. “Everyone at the clinic is a godsend, and they fill a great need within our community by serving anyone who needs their help.”