At Mission of Mercy Arizona, 89% of our expenses go directly to medical care, patient support and education each year. This funding supports patients like Frank*, a truck driver who came to our Avondale clinic after passing out behind the wheel and waking up in the ER to find out he had skyrocketing blood sugar levels due to undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes. One of his medications costs more than $500. He knew he couldn’t afford that expense and was fortunate to find MOM to get the care and medications he needed in order to improve his health and continue working.

More than 80% of our patients have at least one chronic medical condition and approximately 44% have Type 2 diabetes (more than four times the national average). Like Frank, they often can’t afford costly medications and so they go without, which is why Mission of Mercy not only provides quality medical care, but we also offer prescription medications at no cost to our patients.

“Providing not only doctor’s visits but also on-site prescription medications is key to what we do at Mission of Mercy,” according to Dr. Andy Jacob, Mission of Mercy Arizona board member. “It’s one less hurdle for our patients to jump through. They already face enough barriers in life, healthcare shouldn’t be one of them.”

*Name changed to protect patient privacy.