Mobile Medical Unit Destroyed In Fire

Mission of Mercy Arizona suffered a devastating loss on Tuesday, February 4th, as our mobile medical unit caught fire and was destroyed. While we are reeling from this huge loss, our staff and volunteers are working hard to continue to serve patients without a disruption to services.

While we work with insurance to recoup some of the financial loss, we are also moving quickly to replace the destroyed medical equipment and medications that our patients need 5 days at week across our 7 clinics. The mobile unit held our formulary of over 225 different prescription medications, valued at over $20,000. The medications are vital to our patients to manage chronic and acute medical conditions. The total estimated cost of the damage of the vehicle, equipment, and supplies is upwards of $250,000.

Matching Gift Campaign

In the wake of this terrible news, we were so humbled to have a longtime donor step up to fund a matching gift campaign up to $20,000 through the end of the month. We are very touched by the generous response to this tragedy. You can donate on our Facebook page or by using the donate button below. Every dollar helps get us back on the road!

Thank you to all of our donors and volunteers who have made gifts already. We truly appreciate your dedication and support.

Thank you to Dr. Smith for your leadership during this difficult time.

Arizona residents, Mission of Mercy is a certified QCO (Code: 20941), so your gift will qualify for a state TAX CREDIT. This is more than a deduction – it’s a dollar-for-dollar credit!
Tax credit contributions can be made up to April 15, 2020 for tax year 2019.