Healing through Love – It’s Not Just a Slogan

Over the past few months, all of our lives have been interrupted in some way, and we’ve been left with a whole lot of uncertainty. It’s an uncomfortable feeling – one that many of our patients feel on a daily basis. Uncertainty about how they are going to put food on the table, pay their rent, take care of their children, the list goes on.

When facing issues meeting basic needs like food and shelter, healthcare often gets pushed to the wayside. That was the case for Fiona*, a 26 year old who recently moved to Phoenix and was living paycheck to paycheck. She was experiencing debilitating migraines that caused her to miss work.

After scraping together funds for an urgent care visit, she managed to get some relief for her symptoms, but she left with the knowledge that she also had high blood pressure and needed to see a primary care doctor. While searching online for free healthcare clinics, she found Mission of Mercy and was able to secure an appointment at our Chandler location.

MOM Medical Director Dr. Brad Smith listened to her story and placed an order for blood work to determine if she also had high cholesterol and potentially type 2 diabetes. Fiona was also concerned about a pituitary tumor previously identified by a specialist that may have caused her migraines.

Fiona recently shared a letter of gratitude with our office. In it she wrote,

There are not enough words for me to express how grateful I am to find an organization that truly cares about my health free of judgement. … During the most stressful and overwhelming time of my life, the nurses and doctors reassured me that I will be okay and am in great hands. I’ve never felt so much genuine care and concern for my future and well-being.”