Dawn and her mother, Stella (former patient). Mission of Mercy Arizona.

“It’s hard when you are hurting and in pain and don’t know what to do…because you can’t afford do go see your doctor or the specialist they will refer you to,”  Dawn King, describing her mother Stella’s experience before finding Mission of Mercy.

Stella Grevin, had moved to Arizona from Chicago in the 1990’s to start a better life for herself. Her daughters soon followed. Working hard with a minimum wage job, Stella couldn’t afford her health insurance premiums.

In 1998, Stella started experiencing severe shoulder pain and couldn’t raise her arm. She was nervous about getting a diagnosis, not sure if she would ever be free of pain.

Fortunately, Stella heard about Mission of Mercy’s mobile medical clinic in Phoenix and was able to see a doctor right away. Her daughter, Dawn, was able to accompany her on her first visits.

“The doctors were so incredibly nice. They were joking and laughing with my mother to make her feel more at ease.   They were able to diagnose her with bursitis and give her anti-inflammatory prescriptions at no cost. What a relief it was for my mother that day to go home having new hope and not having to pay a dime,” said Dawn.

Nearly Twenty Years Later…

In 2016, Dawn’s brother Jim had moved to the Valley. He worked hard six days a week for an hourly wage. With a new apartment, he could not afford health insurance through his employer.

Jim also suffered severe joint pain and needed medical attention. Dawn told him about Mission of Mercy.  Twenty years after his mother, Stella, had been to the Phoenix clinic, Jim also came for help. 

Jim was diagnosed at Mission of Mercy with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Like his mother, he was able to get the care and medicine he needed without the financial burden, and he was able to continue working.

This is the type of story that YOU have made possible for multiple generations. We thank you as we celebrate 20 Years of Healing through Love!

Did You Know?

Your Charitable Tax Credit donation to the Mission of Mercy Arizona Health Fund will help more families like Stella’s here in Maricopa County.  And you get the money right back. Help others while taking a credit!