Following the Great Recession of 2007-2009, like many other people Carla Fischer lost her job and her health insurance. Due to pre-existing health conditions, including Type II diabetes, finding affordable health insurance on her own with no income proved impossible. Without access to her prescription medications, Carla knew her health could spiral out of control.

“That’s when my brother told me about Mission of Mercy and I made an appointment,” Carla said. “I was able to visit the clinic in Avondale once a month to get the prescriptions that I needed. I also was able to attend a diabetes education class.”

Carla was able to find another job several months down the road but needed Mission of Mercy again a few years later when she found herself in a similar situation.

“Mission of Mercy and their dedicated volunteers were really a lifesaver to me,” Carla said. “I never thought I’d be without health insurance. And as a diabetic that needed insulin, not going to the doctor was not an option for me.”

It’s been about a decade since Carla first needed Mission of Mercy’s services. She is now 64 and retired living in Payson, Ariz. Over the holidays, she sent in a generous $3,000 donation to Mission of Mercy in honor of the organization that provided her care when she was unable to afford it on her own.

She added, “I’m grateful for the care I received in my times of need.”