Arizona Charitable Tax Credit


As an Arizona taxpayer, you have the opportunity to give a donation and take a CREDIT on your state tax return.  Your Charitable Tax Credit gift designated for Mission of Mercy will help a family without insurance to get the medical care they need.

No one should have to go without basic medical care!  But 1-in-4 are underinsured in Arizona. And 1-in-5 Arizonans are totally uninsured.

Your Tax Credit dollars will:

  • Provide necessary medications to a mother with a serious chronic condition, who otherwise would be unable to afford her vital prescriptions
  • Help a father with high blood pressure to be diagnosed early and addressed so he can continue working
  • Heal a child from an infection before they have to visit the Emergency Room
  • Find a grandmother in terrible shape with no health insurance, just in the nick of time, giving healing through the love and compassion of our medical staff and volunteers


How It Works

Arizona Charitable Tax Credit program

  1.  You get your money back!

    Tax credits reduce your taxes dollar-for-dollar as a credit (not a deduction.)

  2. Maximum Amount Doubled

    Couples filing jointly can now give any amount up to $800 maximum (individuals can give up to $400). Any donation amount up the the maximum can be used as a credit.

  3. Everyone Qualifies

    No need to itemize! Everyone who files income taxes in Arizona can claim the credit, simply by making a contribution for Mission of Mercy.

  4. Take multiple tax credits

    In the same tax year, you may take advantage of multiple tax credits, including the Charitable Tax Credit, the Public School Tax Credit, the Private School Tuition Credit, and the Foster Care Credit. Each are separate credits.

3 Ways to Give 


    Give online through our partner website, Legacy Connections, and designate to Mission of Mercy. Legacy sends 100% of your donation to Mission of Mercy. Choose ‘Other Health-Related Agencies’.  Then, select Mission of Mercy from dropdown.  Give Now


    Write a check to Legacy Connections ATTN: Mission of Mercy.
    Mail to: 360 E Coronado Rd. Ste 100, Phoenix, AZ 85004.

  •  PHONE

    Call Us Today at 602-861-2233 to give with your credit card.