For 24 hours beginning at noon today and continuing through noon April 6, Arizona residents from all walks of life will demonstrate kindness and generosity, and foster a sense of community by participating in AZ Gives Day, an event to encourage philanthropy in Arizona.
We humbly ask for your support of Mission of Mercy as part of this annual campaign by making a donation or creating an online fundraiser for us. And as an added bonus, any donations made on AZ Gives Day up to $2,500 will be matched by our generous supporter, the Ford Motor Company Fund. Our goal is to raise at least $5,000 during AZ Gives Day.
Why Give to Mission of Mercy?
When you donate to MOM, when you donate, you empower patients, restore their dignity and strengthen our communities by helping us serve more than 2,000 patients in Maricopa County who lack access to primary healthcare. In FY 2021, MOM provided:
  • 12,576 free medical visits for 2,085 patients
  • 45,141 free prescription medications
  • 1,400 bags of fresh produce and healthy supplemental food provided to patient
  • 1,225 diabetes education and nutrition sessions
Invest in Us: Meet Lee Ann
When Lee Ann lost her job and her health insurance during an economic downturn, she didn’t know what to do about her high blood pressure because she couldn’t afford a doctor’s appointment nor could she afford medications.
As a MOM patient for the past decade, Lee Ann has been treated for high blood pressure, asthma, impetigo and a few cases of pneumonia and other illnesses over the years. She recently turned 65 and became eligible for Medicare, and Mission of Mercy helped with that transition, ensuring she didn’t miss any prescription refills in the interim.
“There is not enough money in the world that I could give to Mission of Mercy. I’ve been blessed with the most compassionate, personal care,” Lee Ann says. “Everyone at the clinic is a godsend, and they fill a great need within our community by serving anyone who needs their help.”
One More Reason to Give: Arizona Charitable Tax Credit!
Your AZ Gives donation qualifies as a charitable tax credit on your Arizona taxes for 2021 or 2022! The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit is a dollar-for-dollar tax credit allowing you to donate to MOM as a Qualified Charitable Organization (QCO #20941).
Just make your donation at the link below and then complete Arizona Form 321 to claim your credit up to $800 if married filing jointly or $400 if filing individually.
See our AZ Gives Video on Facebook HERE