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Sheila moved to Arizona from the Midwest full of hope. 

Sheila suffers from chronic nerve pain, a condition that began when she had a surgery for her diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome.  Something went wrong during surgery. A damaged nerve shot pain throughout her body.  The pain is now so severe that she can only cope with a heavy-duty pain medication regimen.

Sheila retired early due to her health condition and moved to Arizona.  With a fixed income of only $600 each month, Sheila could not continue paying for her prescription medications.  Yes, $600/month! 

Sheila wasn’t sure how she was going to manage her pain enough to get out of bed each day and live her life, much less be the mom, wife, and grandmother that she wanted to be.

Then, Sheila heard about Mission of Mercy.  

“I don’t know what I would do without Mission of Mercy. Seriously, it’s an absolute miracle that I can have a monthly appointment with a doctor for free and pick up the medications that I need at no cost. A true miracle for me.”

For the past year, Sheila has been coming to Mission of Mercy each month.  She is able to take care of her grandson each day and enjoy being a mom and grandmother. 

You gave her new life, by giving to Mission of Mercy. Thank you.


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