MOM Patient Story:

Anthony* (name changed for privacy) is a relatively new patient to the Mission of Mercy clinic located in North Phoenix Baptist Church. At his first visit in February of this year, Anthony presented with a remarkably high HgA1c of 14.4% and only weighed 130 lbs. MOM doctors immediately started Anthony on daily doses of Glipizide and Metformin. On that same day, he was referred to Cecilia R. Chapman, RDN, CDCES (diabetes educator) to participate in a scheduled Diabetes Group Session after his medical visit. Ms. Chapman’s session provided important information on diabetes management that was new and important for Anthony to take control of his health. Anthony seemed overwhelmed but aware of the importance of taking his new medicines regularly and making positive lifestyle changes to control his diabetes.

Over subsequent visits, MOM doctors helped adjust Anthony’s prescription doses, and Ms. Chapman continued to educate him about his disease and focus on overhauling his diet. Soon, Anthony started to see small improvements. By July, when Anthony came in for a clinic visit and had his levels re-tested, his healthcare providers were incredibly pleased with his results: an incredible drop of 6.5 points! Anthony will return in another month to verify lab results and ensure his levels drop to ADA’s Standards of Care rate of 7.0% or lower.

It has been proven that medication alone can only bring the HgA1c down a couple of points, but when a patient like Anthony improves his diet and makes other positive lifestyle changes by learning through education and counseling sessions, wonderful results can be achieved.