Mission of Mercy – Arizona

Mission of Mercy-Arizona offers a wide range of services for their patients, from medical treatment to diagnostic and prescription services. Collaborative relationships with local hospitals and other specialty care providers enable our patients to receive additional no cost medical care, including lab tests and X-rays through our established Compassionate Community Partners network. One of the most expensive aspects of modern medicine is the high cost of prescription medications. The free ongoing prescriptions* we provide our patients enable them to maintain their health and allow them to return to work, care for their family, or resume productive lives. Mission of Mercy’s on-board formulary contains over 225 types of generic prescription medications. Our patients receive their free medications on premises as part of their patient visit.

Mission of Mercy - AZ Job Announcement

Mission of Mercy is looking for a full-time Director of Sustainable Resources to join our Executive Team and lead our fund development and communication initiatives. Please click here for a position description and information on how to apply.