Goals and Objectives:

Our goals and objectives are to:

  • respond to the unmet medical needs of the sick, working poor, and uninsured in underserved communities by providing primary healthcare at no cost;
  • maximize access to no-cost primary healthcare, patient education, and prescription medications at our clinics, resulting in the restoration of dignity, improved health, and self-sufficiency among our patients;
  • address the special healthcare needs of women, children, and the elderly. While we treat all groups, the majority of our patients are women (62%), children (1%), and the elderly (4%);
  • address the special healthcare needs of the 80% of patients suffering from chronic healthcare issues such as asthma, diabetes, and hypertension by providing ongoing medical care to prevent more severe morbidities;
  • address the special unmet needs of minority populations, which comprise 80% of our patient load;
  • operate 92 clinic days;
  • provide a minimum of 3,800 physician visits at not cost to our patients;
  • dispense a minimum of 400 prescription medications at no cost to our patients;
  • reduce the use of emergency rooms among new patients;
  • maintain the reduced level of emergency room usage among existing patients.

To donate a financial gift which will take you to our donation page:

Text the word MOM to 56512 or click on the link:  mercy.world