Dinah is a new patient to Mission of Mercy. She heard about us from a family member who knew she was in dire need of help. Dinah lost her job about a year ago because she had become too sick to work. With her blood pressure out of control and various other health issues, she was losing hope fast. She decided to give Mission of Mercy a try. When she arrived, she was told our walk-in appointments were full for the day, however the receptionist noticed she looked very flush and asked her about her blood pressure. Concerned, the receptionist spoke with the nurses and they knew she needed to be seen right away. “They are all angels from the receptionist, to the nurse, to the doctor,” says Dinah when asked how she felt about Mission of Mercy. Dinah is getting the help she needs through medication she has s great new attitude when it comes to eating healthy and getting some exercise… she’s down 14 pounds in a month and feeling great. “I’m doing this for my grandkids, I want to be there for them and enjoy them.”