Meet Renee who was experiencing high blood pressure and gynecological health issues. She was a full time employee with no insurance.  She tried navigating the health care system while saving money when she was able to for a doctor’s appointment.

Renee heard about Mission of Mercy from her mother who told her that Mission of Mercy existed for people in her situation, so she called and made an appointment.

Renee walked through our doors with a blood pressure of 215/115. Our volunteer physicians diagnosed, treated, and followed up with her care for the next three years.  This allowed her to continue to work and care for her family. During this past year, her health issues became considerably worse. She had increased pain, migraines and bleeding causing her to miss work. At this point, surgery was Renee’s only option.

Our medical team went to work contacting local Obstetrics and Gynecology specialists to find her one that could see her for free while we continued to care for Renee. Thanks to the generous hearts in our community, a physician was found and her surgery has been scheduled!

 Renee says, “Mission of Mercy has wonderful programs and you help with everything. This surgery is going to be a total blessing that would not be possible without your organization, volunteers and donors.”