“Without Mission of Mercy, I would be totally blind because of my diabetes”.

Two years ago Mary Jane found out she was diabetic and scheduled an appointment with our mobile clinic in Sandia, Texas.  She took her medication, participated in diabetes education classes, and ate healthier foods.  Because of her efforts, her overall health and A1C improved significantly!

Mary Jane’s success was brief though.  She began noticing that her vision was getting blurry and was unable to drive a vehicle.   She was worried and scheduled an appointment at our Vision Clinic.  The ophthalmologist informed her that she had cataracts in both eyes due to her diabetes.  Mary Jane was devastated to learn that it was not glasses that she needed, but eye surgery to save her sight.

Our medical team worked with various organizations including hospitals, doctors and Bausch and Lomb to ensure that she did not lose her sight.  Through the generosity of many, Mary Jane received the much needed surgery, regained her precious vision and returned to her family and taking care of others.

Mary Jane now knows how important it is to maintain her diabetes both through medication, exercise and healthy eating.  “You never know how important and precious your sight is until you start to lose it, until there is something in your life that threatens to take away your independence,” says Mary Jane.  “All of the doctors, nurses and donors do so much for everyone who goes to Mission of Mercy.  Without Mission of Mercy I would have nowhere to go for help and by now I would be totally blind because of my illness. I am so grateful to all of the doctors and nurses who helped me.”