Meet Clifford who contacted Mission of Mercy in 2017 for assistance with his diabetes. He received the necessary medications, a diabetes testing kit with strips, and a blood pressure machine so that he can monitor his glucose and blood pressure at home.  More recently, Clifford has been plagued with hip issues and was assisted by our volunteer orthopedic physician. The x-rays and MRI needed to help the physician diagnose the root of his issue were secured. Through our partnership with Radiology Associates, he was able to get an injection for his hip to reduce the pain so that he could continue to work.

“It’s a remarkable help with one-on-one care. At Mission of Mercy, they know you personally by your name. Only working part-time, I cannot afford insurance. I’m diabetic and they help me with my prescriptions. When you do not have insurance, you look for help and I’m so glad I found Mission of Mercy because they are very caring people.”  says Clifford.