Tracy M. had terrible tooth pain that led to severe, debilitating migraines. She was uninsured and unable to work for almost a year. Not having the funds to go to a private dentist, she tried to take care of the problem herself, going though nearly an entire bottle of over-the-counter tooth pain medication a day. Her pain led to trouble with her equilibrium, she couldn’t bend over to do basic tasks around the house, including getting her daughter ready for school.

The situation became so bad that she had to leave her daughter in the care of her sister.

Then, Tracy heard about Mission of Mercy’s dental care. She arrived early to ensure she could be seen that day.

After her initial exam the dentist could tell she had a raging infection that prevented him from doing any extractions that day, so he gave her medications to clear up the infection and asked her to come back in 14 days. Tracy returned, and received the dental care she so desperately needed.

Tracy was so relieved and happy at being able to stand up straight again, and to wake up each day without a raging headache. Best of all, she’s happy to be able to care for her little girl again! Tracy has since found work as a nursing home assistant.