Grace Stoudt underwent a bi-lateral mastectomy 11 years ago, but because of a lack of health insurance, she hadn’t been to a doctor in five years. Yet it wasn’t concerns related to her cancer diagnosis that finally brought her to Mission of Mercy’s clinic at the Brethren in Christ Church in

“I had been having some ear problems so I decided to try Mission of Mercy,” she recalls. During her exam, however, the Mission of Mercy medical team uncovered something more troubling than her ear pain: Grace had dangerously high blood pressure.

Before she left the clinic that day, Grace had received prescription medications to bring her blood pressure under control as well as orders for complete blood tests that would enable doctors to better assess her overall health, which is especially important for cancer survivors.

Each time Grace returns to Mission of Mercy for check-ups and monitoring, she is struck by the kindness and compassion of the medical staff and volunteers. “They are so caring and there is no judgment,” she said. “They don’t care what your situation is. They just want to take care of you.”