Mission of Mercy only exists through volunteers. We are humbled by the commitment of so many busy and talented people who unreservedly give their time to staff our clinics. Others drive miles to represent Mission of Mercy in the community, or spend months organizing world-class special events, or selflessly serve on our Board of Directors. Volunteers participate in Mission of Mercy in many different ways and there are opportunities for everyone, including:

At the Clinic

  •  Helping with patient transportation to the clinic, or to our community partners
  • Lending an ear to a patient
  • Watching a child so a parent can speak with the doctor or nurse
  • Helping with scheduling appointments and organizing records

“Behind the Scenes”

  •  Folding and stuffing letters for mailings
  • Holding a bake sale, dinner or other fundraiser for Mission of Mercy
  • Donating or distributing Christmas gifts for our “kids”
  • Making phone calls or attending networking events
  • Inviting your contacts to “Coffee with MOM” clinic tours
  • Serving on our Speaker’s Bureau
  • Promoting Mission of Mercy at events in the community
  • Helping to organize or attending our events and fundraisers
  • And much more.

For these types of activities or to offer your own unique services, please contact: Jennifer White at jwhite@amissionofmercy.org, (301) 682-5683 or (717) 642-9062.

Physicians, Dentists and Healthcare Professionals

Mission of Mercy is actively seeking active or retired licensed medical professionals to volunteer at our clinic, or to accept a limited number of pro bono, in-office appointments. We are particularly in need of physicians (internists and specialty), physician assistants, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, dentists, or dental assistants.

Volunteers are needed Monday-Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. You can volunteer as little as one day per month in the clinic of your choice. The clinic is scheduled up to six months in advance for easy, long-range planning. Mission of Mercy provides malpractice insurance coverage for medical and dental professionals volunteering at the clinic.

Physicians, Dentists, Physician’s Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners, please contact Dr. Michael Sullivan at (410) 340-3791 or Msullivan@aMissionOfMercy.org.

Nurses, Translators, and Registration Volunteers, please contact Maureen Liddle, RN at (717) 692-6521 or Mliddle@amissionofmercy.org.