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MOM’s Family Auxiliary

MOM’s Family is a vital part of Mission of Mercy. Anyone willing to serve those less fortunate is invited to become a member. Whether you have a medical background, a giving heart, or simply time to offer, you can help.

The three missions of MOM’s Family:

Prayer Support: Many of the people who find their way to Mission of Mercy are physically ill, emotionally drained and spiritually exhausted. Through prayer, members of MOM’s Family will support both those in need and the volunteers who serve them. For more information about the Prayer Support Mission, please click here.

Service Support: These volunteers participate in Mission of Mercy’s programs in a variety of ways, according to their interests and skills. Some may work in the clinic, others help plan special events, or stuff envelopes at home. To volunteer, please click here.

Financial Support: Without government support, Mission of Mercy will always depend on private contributions to operate. We strive to be good stewards of your gifts. Many MOM’s Family members host yard sales, car washes or other fundraisers to support our work. Others give generously of their own funds. To donate, please click here.