A valued relationship between Jennifer Charlton, Executive Director of MomCClogoMission of Mercy (M.O.M.) and project management experts Lisa Hammer, PMP and David Newman, PMP, has resulted in kick-starting our Community Connections Program.

David Newman, Principle, Leadership Techniques, LLC

David Newman, Principal, Leadership Techniques, LLC

Jennifer had attended a project management class taught by Lisa and David, principals of Leadership Techniques LLC, last year, and the three stayed in touch. In the fall of 2013, David attended the M.O.M.’s annual gala, the Bubble Ball. “The video shown at the gala was really inspiring – it opened my eyes to the wonderful work that M.O.M. does,” said David.

He and Lisa subsequently went on a clinic tour, and volunteered their expertise in leadership and project management. Their efforts have enabled Mission of Mercy to launch Community Connections, a critical program for our patients and their families to access other community resources available.

“The purpose of Community Connections is to empower our patients to better themselves, their lives and those of their families through access to strategic partnerships, education and community resources,” explained Jennifer.

Lisa Hammer, Principle, Leadership Techniques, LLC.

Lisa Hammer, Principal, Leadership Techniques, LLC.

Lisa and David first created a patient survey to determine what other services and resources would be most beneficial. With the aid of a Spanish interpreter, they administered the survey at several Frederick City clinic days as well as the Brunswick clinic. They surveyed about 90 patients – half English speaking, half Spanish speaking.

“The top three needs were for: 1) exercise and wellness information and opportunities, 2) help looking for a job and 3) assistance with food,” noted Lisa.

“This definitely helps us know where to focus our efforts. We’re now meeting with representatives from Workforce Services, the MD Food Bank, Frederick Regional Health System, the YMCA and others to find out what resources they have available and what they can offer M.O.M.’s patients,” explained Lisa.

Starting on June 23, the Brunswick and Frederick clinics will have a Community Connections resource table staffed by Cielo Berner, a Community Connections volunteer.

“Our long-term goal is to hire a Community Connections Resource Coordinator to work with patients and their families one-on-one to assess their medical and social situations, and understand their unmet lifestyle needs. The Resource Coordinator can then help patients develop a plan to coordinate available community resources that bridge the gaps and effect positive outcomes,” added Jennifer.

“Thanks to Lisa and David, along with volunteers Cielo, Lisa Wolf and Lynn Kaiser, we’re taking a new step toward our mission of ‘restoring dignity and healing through Love’,” she added.

“When we saw all of the things M.O.M. does for their patients we were so impressed. M.O.M. is fantastic – we’re happy to volunteer with them,” said Lisa. If someone is interested in volunteering with Community Connections, please contact us at 301-682-5683.

More About Leadership Techniques LLC

Leadership Techniques, LLC offers leadership and project management training and consulting services custom tailored to address specific issues. We work with organizations to help them achieve their goals. Today’s business environment calls for leaders and managers at all levels to act quickly and decisively on a wide variety of problems. Project managers need to comprehend and control the big picture while often lacking complete data and without direct authority.

Lisa Hammer, PMP, and David B. Newman, PMP, combine their real world experience and training to provide a fun and relaxed learning environment. Interactive sessions and role playing exercises provide attendees with tools and techniques that they can apply immediately and take the guesswork out of leadership and project management. For more information on Leadership Techniques, email Lisa@LeadershipTechniques.com or call us at 301-667-3915.