By Linda M. Ryan, Mission of Mercy Executive Director

It’s graduation season and time for us to celebrate the achievements of those who have made the commitment to furthering their lives through education. While we recognize the impact education has on one’s ability to gain employment, it is also worth noting the significant impact education has on our health as well. 

The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion reports that education is associated with longer life expectancy, improved health and quality of life, and health-promoting behaviors such as getting regular physical activity, not smoking, and getting routine checkups and recommended screenings. 

Yet imagine trying to attend school if you were sick. Algebra can be hard enough to comprehend when you feel well; imagine trying to understand it if you were suffering from a sore throat or a terrible toothache! 

At Mission of Mercy, our goal is to help people be well so they can be successful at work, school or at home as caregivers. Many of our patients are students. They are trying to finish their high school educations or are pursuing career technical training, all with the goal of bettering their lives and those of their families. 

We recognize that helping people get well is about helping our communities be well. We know that with each patient we see who is able to get back to work, school or their caregiving, we create a ripple effect that ultimately benefits all of us.