“Healthcare on the Frontlines,” an initiative funded by the Delaplaine Foundation, has produced a moving 28-minute documentary that focuses on the power of individuals and communities to truly change the course of health care— regardless of the time or place.

The mission of Mercy is featured prominently in the video, which contrasts MOM’s work in the 21st century with the 19th-century work of Clara Barton, the “angel of the battlefield” who demonstrated how one person could change the course of health care during the Civil War.

Featuring interviews with Mission of Mercy’s founders Gianna Talone Sullivan and Michael Sullivan, Executive Director Linda Ryan, and several volunteers, the video offers a compelling and powerful look at the work of Mission of Mercy.

Those interviews are interlaced with stories told by David Price and Jake Wynn from the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, who relate how Clara Barton and the people of Frederick came to the aid of the thousands of soldiers wounded at Antietam Battlefield in 1862.

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