For many Gettysburg and Adams County, PA residents, Mission of Mercy’s FREE mobile health clinic is the only source of health and dental care and prescription medications.

Sign at Jay's church

“But for our services to continue in Gettysburg, we needed to raise at least $50,000,” said Executive Director Jennifer Charlton.

Thanks to a $12,000 matching grant from the Hoffman Trust, as well as donations from churches, companies and individuals,   Mission of Mercy raised more than $80.000  to continue to provide free medical care in Adams County for the next year.

“This has been an inspiring display of community collaboration. Clearly, Mission of Mercy is a part of the solution for delivering healthcare, dental care and medications to those in need in the Gettysburg area,” Ms. Charlton added.

The Campaign for Care, which officially launched on August 15 and continued through this fall, included mailings and information about our services to residents, corporations and church members, a series of articles in the Gettysburg Times, a breakfast with members of the Gettysburg Ministerium, and several tours of the mobile health clinic.

To participate in the clinic tour on Wed., Oct. 23 at 10 a.m. at Gettysburg Foursquare Church, 330 West Middle St., contact

The campaign wrapped up with several key events:

  • The long-running Golf Tournament (see page three),
  • A Day of Giving on Sun., Sept. 29 at 15 participating churches, followed by a picnic lunch at Gettysburg United Methodist Church. Overall, 19 churches participated in a Day of Giving for the Campaign For Care.

“The best quote I heard about the Day of Giving came from one of our retired pastors, who fellowships and ministers with us here at Gettysburg United Methodist Church, said Jay Zimmerman, pastor of United Methodist.

“He said his eight-year-old granddaughter, Lily, who was visiting in worship and was part of the mobile clinic tour, went home to Annapolis on Sunday evening and told her parents  ‘Before we eat, I want to pray for the people in Gettysburg, so they can have medical care.’  The message of the day arrived!” added Pastor Zimmerman.

If you’d like to help keep Mission of Mercy in Gettysburg and Adams County, visit and designate “Gettysburg” in the other field under “Use my donation to support…”