Each of the three Mission of Mercy Programs has different needs:

Maryland/Pennsylvania Program

One very concrete need we have right now is for a new mobile health clinic. Our current mobile health clinic is nine years old, and has nearly 100,000 miles on it. Its days of rigorous travel to cover our four clinic sites in Maryland and two sites in Pennsylvania are limited!

In 2014, we’ll launch Phase I of an expansion campaign to raise the money needed to purchase a new custom-tailored RV. Our hope is that we have enough funding to create more space inside the RV to serve even more patients. This expansion will also include additional medical staff.

Phase II of our expansion program  will be to acquire a three-chair mobile dental clinic, along with additional dental professionals and support staff.

As part of our expansion,  we’ll look at the need for additional clinic days at sites such as Gettysburg and Reisterstown, which currently have just one clinic day a month. We’ll also look at opportunities to provide services to communities where there are unmet medical and dental needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about our campaign, please contact Jennifer White at 301-682-5683, or jwhite@amissionofmercy.org.