Morning of Miracles Breakfast, Dec 5

Please Join us at our 12th Annual
Morning of Miracles Breakfast

When: Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Time: 7:30 – 8:30 am Breakfast. Registration opens at 7:00 am.

Where: NEW LOCATION Phoenix Art Museum, 1625 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004







We are celebrating 21 years of providing free primary health care services and a medical home for Arizona families without access to care.

You are sure to be encouraged and inspired by hearing real examples of how lives have been changed and impacted across generations by having free access to healthcare. Learn more about how people in our community are coming together to provide medical care to families who cannot afford health insurance.  By showing love and compassion to everyone, dignity is restored to those less fortunate.

Free to attend; donations are encouraged.

RSVP is required to attend!  RSVP online or call 602.861.2233.
RSVP by Monday, Nov 26.

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Table Captains:
 Please email Diane Aguilar to register your table guests.

Parking: There will be ample parking in the Phoenix Art Museum parking lot.

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A New Culture of Care: More than Medicine

Volunteer Spotlight

Fionnuala Brown, Ph.D volunteer at Mission of Mercy since 2012.

Together, we are inspiring hope and improving health through education.

Diabetes is a widespread problem in America, especially among the disadvantaged and low-income population. Although some of the cause can be attributed to heredity, the majority of the problem can be summed up in one word – diet.

A doctor can prescribe all the right medications, but if a patient doesn’t understand how to change their eating habits and lifestyle, there is no winning the war against this disease.

That’s where Fionnuala Brown comes in. A wife, a mother of two, and a Nursing Ph.D student at ASU, she has volunteered as a nurse practitioner at our Phoenix clinic since 2012. She knows that approximately half of all Hispanic patients diagnosed with Type II Diabetes (DM) visit community health clinics for their care…

She also knows that when it comes to managing the disease, the deck is stacked against them – cultural eating habits, lack of access to healthy food, language barriers, and more give diabetes the upper hand.

Two years ago, she saw an opportunity to address the problem by taking care beyond the clinic, to the classroom. She chose to work with Mission of Mercy patients for her Ph.D project.

Working in partnership with ASU and Esperança, a local Phoenix nonprofit that provides community health education, Fionnuala helped to recruit patients and coordinate a 6-week group class (2 hours per week) focused on culturally-sensitive diabetes education for Mission of Mercy patients.

Her hope was that through education, she could show measurable improvement in the health of her patients. It’s working! Fifteen Mission of Mercy patients with Type II Diabetes completed the program. Average A1C levels (an indicator of diabetes) for the group dropped significantly!  Ten participants even lost weight.

The program was such a success that, with your support, and the help of partner organizations, our vision is to offer culturally sensitive health education consistently at all of our clinic locations. Thank you, Fionnuala, for bringing Mercy to our patients on another level. Congrats on your Ph.D in Nursing!

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Dignity Digest: Summer Newsletter.



Giving from the Heart: Donor Spotlight

How Donors DiAne and Jeff Ashton are ‘Healing through Love’

Growing up on a cotton/alfalfa farm west of Casa Grande, DiAne Ashton remembers how concerned her father always was for his farm workers and their families. Many needed medical care, but few had insurance.

It turns out that today, not much has changed for farm workers.

So when Mission of Mercy approached DiAne’s church, First Southern Baptist Church of Avondale, in 2010, looking for a suitable West Valley location, DiAne jumped at the chance to make a difference…


Read Full Article here in our Dignity Digest: Summer Newsletter.


4-Star Charity Rating Earned!

Mission of Mercy, Inc. is proud to be recognized as a four-star charity by Charity Navigator, America’s premier independent charity evaluator. Charity Navigator works to advance a more efficient and responsive philanthropic marketplace by evaluating the financial health of America’s largest charities.

“We are proud to announce Mission of Mercy has earned our second consecutive 4-star rating. This is our highest possible rating and indicates that your organization adheres to sector best practices and executes its mission in a financially efficient way.

Attaining a 4-star rating verifies that Mission of Mercy exceeds industry standards and outperforms most charities in your area of work. Only 30% of the charities we evaluate have received at least 2 consecutive 4-star evaluations, indicating that Mission of Mercy outperforms most other charities in America. This exceptional designation from Charity Navigator sets Mission of Mercy apart from its peers and demonstrates to the public its trustworthiness,” Charity Navigator.

About Charity Navigator

Charity Navigator rates charities by evaluating two broad areas of financial health – organizational efficiency and organizational capacity. Using a set of financial ratios or performance categories to rate each of these two areas, Charity Navigator issues an overall rating that combines the charity’s performance in both areas. Charity Navigator ratings show givers how efficiently they believe a charity will use its support today, and to what extent the charity is growing its programs and services over time.


A Miracle for Sheila

Phoenix, Arizona - West Valley free mobile health clinic


Sheila moved to Arizona from the Midwest full of hope. 

Sheila suffers from chronic nerve pain, a condition that began when she had a surgery for her diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome.  Something went wrong during surgery. A damaged nerve shot pain throughout her body.  The pain is now so severe that she can only cope with a heavy-duty pain medication regimen.

Sheila retired early due to her health condition and moved to Arizona.  With a fixed income of only $600 each month, Sheila could not continue paying for her prescription medications.  Yes, $600/month! 

Sheila wasn’t sure how she was going to manage her pain enough to get out of bed each day and live her life, much less be the mom, wife, and grandmother that she wanted to be.

Then, Sheila heard about Mission of Mercy.  

“I don’t know what I would do without Mission of Mercy. Seriously, it’s an absolute miracle that I can have a monthly appointment with a doctor for free and pick up the medications that I need at no cost. A true miracle for me.”

For the past year, Sheila has been coming to Mission of Mercy each month.  She is able to take care of her grandson each day and enjoy being a mom and grandmother. 

You gave her new life, by giving to Mission of Mercy. Thank you.


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Dr. Barlow, Healthcare Leadership Awards


Dr. Carie Barlow, an Internal Medicine Specialist, has been chosen as a finalist for the 2018 Healthcare Leadership Awards by AZ Business Magazine. Awards will be chosen and announced at a dinner for the finalists on May 10.  Always going above and beyond for her patients, she is already a most-deserved winner in our eyes!

Meet Dr. Barlow

In 2010, Carie R. Barlow, MD, left her position as a hospitalist to be home with her children.  She soon felt a strong desire to try to help those around her who were less fortunate and did not have access to quality healthcare. In 2014, she applied to become a volunteer physician with Mission of Mercy.  It was important to her to volunteer at a clinic that provided completely free care to help those who needed it the most.

Dr. Barlow volunteers 2-3 days each week at Mission of Mercy Arizona’s free mobile healthcare clinics. During clinic days she sees patients, orders prescriptions and refills, and conducts medical coding. She is also in charge of specialty referrals, which is invaluable to the patients of Mission of Mercy Arizona. Without Dr. Barlow as an advocate for them, they would be unable to receive the additional medical care that many of them desperately need and cannot afford.

>>Give a Gift in Honor of Dr. Barlow

Dr. Barlow’s volunteer role also involves finding subspecialists to see patients, helping get low-cost radiology tests and procedures (paid for by Mission of Mercy Arizona or provided free of charge by donors), as well as securing expensive medications through patient assistance programs. At Mission of Mercy’s Avondale clinic, she is also responsible for physician education and clinic management.

Her volunteer service for Mission of Mercy totals more than 2,500 hours since she began in July 2014!  

In addition to her volunteer work with Mission of Mercy Arizona, for the past two years she also volunteers twice a month feeding the homeless with an organization called Mama Jo’s.  The nonprofit feeds more than 700 homeless people starting at 7 a.m. on Saturdays.

She is also on the Missions Board of Life Church of the Northwest Valley, where she spearheads and participates in numerous other volunteer projects. She has a passion for community service in Mexico where she has built two homes a year for deserving families through 1Mission. She also helps at a children’s home, Esperanza Para Los Ninos, and the Parables de Esperanza Community Center in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.

Dr. Barlow is married and lives in Peoria with her two children, ages 5 and 7. Her husband is also a local physician.

Thank you for your service, Dr. Barlow, and congratulations again.

Juan’s Story




Something wasn’t right.

He couldn’t tell exactly what … but Juan knew something was wrong inside his body. He didn’t feel well. And the problem wouldn’t go away.

Juan never qualified for health insurance, so he only went to a doctor when he was desperate.

And still, without the follow-up care that he needed, he continued to feel unwell. Yet over the years, he amassed a mountain of medical debt … until finally, the mountain was so high, Juan couldn’t go to a doctor no matter how desperate he was.

That was the day he became a statistic. He had slipped through the cracks of our healthcare system and had no access to quality care.

He was in a slow downward spiral, until he heard about Mission of Mercy. Our medical team discovered that Juan was severely diabetic, and suffering from extremely high blood pressure. We actually find that some 70% of our patients have chronic conditions with serious, life-threatening consequences if left untreated.

“When I come in to Mission of Mercy, I feel better. The stress I had before is gone.  After 12 years as a patient here, I receive the same quality of care and kindness as I did on my very first visit.  Mission of Mercy changed my life,” said Juan.

Today, Juan is healthy and strong. He works. He laughs. He is living a full life with his family. You rescued him. You gave him new life, by giving to Mission of Mercy. Thank you.

Only one thing saved him: your compassion. Your generous support for Mission of Mercy let us open our doors to Juan … to welcome him warmly … to let him see medical professionals without worrying about the money … to give him a thorough examination, a real diagnosis — and the ongoing medical attention that he urgently needed.

Help more patients – mothers, fathers, and grandparents –  just like Juan, with the gift of new life this Easter season.

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<<New Ways To Give & Heal through Love

East Valley, Here We Come!

Mission of Mercy opens 7th clinic site at the Chandler First Church of the Nazarene, 301 North Hartford St. Chandler AZ on the first and third Fridays of each month. Photo credit: Chandler First Church of the Nazarene.

Hello Chandler! After much anticipation and thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have opened our first mobile medical clinic in Chandler. This is our 7th clinic location, in addition to Phoenix, Avondale, Mesa, and Maryvale.

Now, Mission of Mercy has an active clinic open Monday thru Friday each week to serve Valley residents without health insurance!

The Chandler site officially opened for operation on March 2nd, 2018, and will be open every 1st and 3rd Fridays at Chandler First Church of the Nazarene.

Big thanks to the church for having a heart for their community and for providing the space!

“We are very excited for the many patients that will now be able to access medical care. It is not by coincidence that Chandler First Church of the Nazarene is our new home, and they have been extremely supportive. Our partnership with Dignity Health has also been instrumental in this expansion and promises to bring much needed health care the Southeast Valley, as well as, more opportunity to heal through Love and restore dignity.”  – Dr. Brad Smith, Medical Director, Mission of Mercy Arizona

We are anticipating Chandler to be one of our largest sites in terms of the number of patients served.  Our goal for 2018/2019 is to expand even further into the East Valley with additional clinic days for Chandler and an additional site in Gilbert.

The Chandler location was chosen based on a Community Needs Index report published by Dignity Health in Arizona.  Using the Index, Mission of Mercy and Dignity Health worked together to identify neighborhoods with highest rates of uninsured and low-income families. The location was also chosen based on easy access to public transportation.

Sponsorship opportunities and giving opportunities for the new clinic are available! Please call us at 602.314.6742 to learn more.


Ringing in the New Year with Change

Happy New Year to you! Mission of Mercy is starting 2018 with exciting news and upcoming expansion.

We are pleased to share that Paula Carvalho (pictured here) has been named Executive Director in Arizona.

Paula succeeds Catherine Amiot who joined Mission of Mercy in 2004.

Paula has been an essential part of Mission of Mercy’s growth in Arizona, having worked alongside Catherine for more than 10 years. Focused on the organization’s mission and strategic advancement, Paula has been responsible for the oversight of program development and general operations in Arizona.

One of the main priorities in the new year will be to open our seventh clinic site in Chandler, expanding our footprint and bringing access to care to more underserved areas of the East Valley.

Thank you for your support as we continue to move Mission of Mercy in a positive direction and carry on our mission of healing through Love and restoring dignity!

If you have any questions, or if you are interested in learning more, call us at 602-861-2233.

Visit us! Have you been on a tour of our mobile medical clinics lately?  See the tour schedule and sign up today. Best hour of your day!

Fall Newsletter – Dignity Digest

We are relaunching our donor newsletter, Dignity Digest. We want to better keep you informed of how your support truly impacts lives.

This year, Mission of Mercy celebrates 20 years of bringing healthcare and hope to children and adults who desperately need it. It’s a huge milestone, and it’s the support of friends like you who, over two decades, have made it possible for tens of thousands to receive healing when they had no other place to turn – for people like Celia.

In 1999, when Mission of Mercy was only two years young and operating out of two clinics, Celia’s mom found herself at a loss when she discovered a lump in her teenage daughter’s arm. It was swollen and causing her too much pain to lift or extend her arm…

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