Letter from our Board Chair, Sue Connor

Imagine waking up every morning with a bad pain in your side, to the point that you are unable to go to work. Instead of being able to call your doctor, you don’t have health insurance.

You now have to decide between paying a doctor or buying groceries.

This was Sarah’s reality.

Sarah knew she needed to see a doctor, and she was missing work. She considered the emergency room, but that would be another expensive medical bill in her mailbox. Besides, going the emergency room for this non-emergency seemed crazy. What other options did Sarah have?

Healthcare is a basic need. Yet, one in five Arizonans are uninsured. Too many working families cannot afford health insurance, but they do not qualify for government benefits. Did you know Arizona has the highest rate of uninsured children in the nation?

By giving to Mission of Mercy, you are helping to be the solution for these families.

As soon as Sarah walked into one of the six Mission of Mercy mobile clinics, she was shown compassion and kindness by the volunteers she met. Within minutes, she was able to sit down with an experienced doctor. A translator and a nurse were also ready to help her. The doctor listened patiently and took time with Sarah. She did not feel rushed. And she wasn’t questioned about why she couldn’t pay.

With a new diagnoses and free medications to take home, Sarah was filled with relief and hope! Stress was lifted. She was incredibly grateful to Mission of Mercy and the volunteers.

This holiday season, your support will help relieve the community burden of uncompensated and costly emergency care, and alleviate the suffering and stress experienced by too many Arizona families.

Remember, up to $800/couple or $400/individual of your year-end giving to the Mission of Mercy Health Partnership Fund will qualify as a dollar-for-dollar credit on your state income taxes through the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. 

Thank you for giving and Merry Christmas to you and your loved-ones!

In the Spirit of the Holidays,

Sue Connor
Chair, Board of Directors

P.S. Our patients at Mission of Mercy are counting on you to make your 2017 Arizona Charitable Tax Credit contribution to the Mission of Mercy Arizona Health Partnership Fund before December 31. Give Today!